Career Objective:

As a graduate of Murdoch University with a double major in Games Art and Design, and Games Software Design and Production; and a post-graduate in Games and App Production, I’m eager to get involved in Melbourne’s independent game development scene due to recognized quality of the games made here and the vitality of the local industry. I am also looking to further develop my gameplay programming skills, as well as improving my game design skills. Amongst other skills, I have experience in generalist programming doing everything from gameplay to AI, extensive game design skills for traditional and VR games, and web strategy skills.

Key Skills:

  • 5+ years’ experience designing a variety of games & software for PC & mobile.
  • 5+ years programming experience in C#.
  • 4+ years testing and bug fixing experience.
  • 2+ years’ experience using Slack and Trello to coordinate activities.
  • 2+ years’ experience designing for VR devices such as the HTC Vive.

Other Skills:

  • Business Process Reengineering skills and experience streamlining pipelines.
  • Skills in web communication strategy development.
  • Experience using version control and project management tools in team environments.

Game Engines:


  • 5+ years’ worth of programming experience.
  • 2+ years’ experience in VR design.
  • 1x years’ experience developing AI.
  • Medium level of knowledge of the Mecanim system.


  • 1+ years’ experience developing games using the Unreal blueprint system.


  • Post-Graduate in Games and App Production, Murdoch University (2017)
  • Bachelor of Digital Media – Double major in Games Art and Design, and Game Software Design and Production (2016)

Relevant Experience:

July 2017 – Current
VR Developer at Snobal – Melbourne, VIC

Responsibilities & Achievements
  • Developed user-requested mechanics and features from general ideas to finished products.
  • Implemented vehicle and pedestrian AI for Victoria Government’s Hoddle Street VR experience.
  • Implemented run-time 3D model importing, interactive objects, and minigames in multiple projects.

November 2016 – February 2017
Remote Programmer on ProActive health application – Perth, WA

Responsibilities & Achievements
  • Developed in-app data visualisation tool to enable users to view scores via a scalable graph.
  • Co-developed application’s tie-in website using Javascript, HTML, CSS, and Jquery.
  • General bug testing and fixing.

February 2016 – May 2016
Junior Programmer at Sentient Computing – Perth, Western Australia

Responsibilities & Achievements
  • Implemented numerous mechanics for the training tools being developed based on the verbal and written descriptions given.
  • Implemented numerous world-space UI elements ranging from sound effects to floating text.
  • Implemented AI navigation and behaviours using Unity’s nav mesh tools.

August-November 2015
Neuromender Stroke Rehabilitation System – Murdoch University – Perth, Western Australia

Note: This project attained a finalist position in the Western Australian Information Technology and Telecommunications (WAITTA) INCITE awards.

Responsibilities & Achievements
  • Assisted team in testing the product’s UI with members of the target user group.
  • Completely rebuilt product UI to improve readability using user feedback and to make it easier for following teams to improve upon the UI in the future.
  • Assisted in designing an arm-extension minigame/exercise.
  • Produced half of all the documentation for the system.
  • Bug tested product to ensure it was at the quality level required of a medical tool.


Brad Power

Position: Lecturer in Games Art and Design at Murdoch
Notes: Letter of recommendation available on request.

Max Frankel

Position: Lecturer in Games Art and Design at Murdoch
Phone: 0401 487 832

Doug Bester

Position: Managing Director of Sentient Computing
Phone: 08 6146 0037
Notes: Letter of recommendation available on request.


Unity Engine

Hoddle Street VR experience (Link)
Samurai Showdown (Link) [Pre-alpha build]
Neuromender Stroke Rehabilitation System (Link) [Video interview about the project]

Game Design Documents:

Stellaris: Profit and Loss


Best Student Product of the Year Finalists