Throughout my 4+ years working as a programmer and designer, I have had the chance to work on a very diverse set of projects ranging from the award nominated Neuromender Stroke Rehabilitation System to my in-development, local multiplayer, arcade game, Samurai Smash. As a result of this diverse set of projects, I have been involved in many aspects of software design and production, though I would state that my three key strengths lay in:

Generalist C# Programming: As the sole programmer involved in several of the projects I have participated in, I have developed skills in a variety of areas relating to videogame programming, including AI programming, gameplay programming, UI programming, engine utility programming, etc.

High and Low-Level Game Design: I have studied both high and low-level system design at Murdoch University and have utilised said studies in my role as the sole designer at Otterspace Games.

Teamwork and Communication: I am completely at home working as part of a larger team or on my own, and I have experience using many different team coordination and communication programs.


Game Engines:

I have 4+ years worth of programming experience in Unity’s C# scripting language as well as 6+ months experience using the PlayMaker FSM scripting asset.

I have 1+ years worth of experience developing games in Unreal using the blueprint system. I am looking to improve on this in my own time and by participating in projects using the Unreal engine.


Relevant Experience:

November 2016 – February 20167
Remote Programmer on ProActive health application – Perth, WA
My responsibilities for this project revolved around developing a data visualisation tools to enable users to view their scores via a scalable graph. I was also responsible for bug testing and fixing, and I helped to develop parts of the application’s tie-in website using Javascript, HTML, CSS, and Jquery.

February 2016 – May 2016
Junior Programmer at Sentient Computing – Perth, WA
In this role, I implemented numerous mechanics for the training tools being developed based off the verbal and written descriptions given by other team members. I also implemented numerous user interface elements ranging from sound effects to floating text. I also handled AI navigation and behaviours using Unity’s built in nav mesh tools.

August-November 2015
Neuromender Stroke Rehabilitation System – Murdoch University – Perth, WA
Due to the quality of our work, we attained a finalist position in the Western Australian Information Technology and Telecommunications (WAITTA) INCITE award in the Best Student Product of the Year category.

In this role, I completely rebuilt the user interface to improve readability and to make it easier for later teams to make changes. I also collapsed the total number of levels used for the menu from more than six, to one. Furthermore, I participated in designing the arm-extension game and produced approximately half of all the documentation for the system. Finally, I helped bug test and fix the final product to get it to the quality level it needed to be evaluated as a medical tool.



Graduate Diploma in Games and App Production, Murdoch University (2017)
Bachellor of Digital Media – Double major in Games art and Design, and Game Software Design and Production (2016)


Unity Engine
Samurai Smash (Link) [Pre-alpha build]
Ludum Dare 34 – Ragh! (Game Page) [Group Project]
Neuromender Stroke Rehabilitation System (Link) [Video interview about project]

Game Design Documents:

Stellaris: Profit and Loss


Best Student Product of the Year Finalists