Dev Blog – February 8 – Samurai Showdown

Hey all,

So today will be a pretty short update due to the fact that I’m pretty close to done with Samurai Showdown from a baseline feature standpoint and I’m starting to clean things up to make the game slick and pretty. There will, of course, be a lot of work to do in the future once user testing starts around March, but for now, I’m taking advantage of the time off to work on some side projects and develop my skills.

Now with that said, let’s talk about what’s been done since the last update!

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Dev Blog – January 26 – Samurai Showdown


While I’ve been too busy to work on Samurai Showdown as much as I’d like due to a combination of family responsibilities and Global Game Jame 2017 being a thing, I have managed to find some spare time in which to work on the game. While the next PlayUp Perth (read: the one on the 3rd of Feb) is dedicated to showing off the games we made during GGJ17, I should be able to take Samurai Showdown out in public again soon and get some feedback. Furthermore, and speaking of Global Game Jam, I should have a blog on it, our game, and the PlayUp GGJ event for it sometime after the event has passed.

In any case, let’s talk about what’s been added, what’s been changed, and what’s being planned for the future!

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