Dev Blog – October 9 – Samurai Showdown

Hey People,

I know that it’s been all of one day since I last posted, but I’ve done a bit of work since my last dev blog, and I decided that I may as well give you a proper update as to what’s going on. While I’ve still yet to properly go over the various questionnaires that were filled out at the Perth Games Festival, I was able to identify several things that I could work on between now and the end of the semester. So, without stalling any longer, let’s talk about the most recent changes!

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Dev Blog – September 25 – Samurai Showdown

Hey everyone,

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the delay for the gap in between dev blogs. Rest assured that I’m still chugging away at these games, I’m just getting swamped with uni work as semester two is slowly wrapping up. Since my last update, I’ve managed to get through a decent chunk of the testing notes I gathered from Playup Perth’s last event and I’ve started implementing a tutorial so that, when I show it off at the upcoming Perth Games Festival, I won’t have to stand around and explain what to do as I did at Playup Perth. So, without further delay, let’s talk about what’s happened!

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Dev Blog – September 8 – Samurai Showdown

Hey everyone,

So since my last update on Samurai Showdown I’ve managed to get a good idea of where I want the game to head in the next few months of development thanks to the awesome people at Playup Perth. The actual showcase of the game went fine —aside from my laptop overheating and shutting down three times during the event, and the shared game mode not working for some reason— and I managed to get a lot of valuable feedback which should help make Samurai Showdown awesome. So, with no more delays, let’s talk about the feedback I received and the changes I’ve made since, and the media that’s talked about Samurai Showdown!

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Dev Blog – August 26 – Samurai Showdown

Hey people,

This is just a quick update on what’s been happening to Samurai Showdown in the lead-up to the September 3rd Play Up Perth event. While I have been pretty busy since my last post on the 23rd, I’ve managed to find the time between working on Small Gods and other assessments to tinker with Samurai Showdown (apparently I hate myself and think that working on two games for my game dev class is a good idea :v). In any case, let’s talk about what’s been done.

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Small Gods – Bugfixes

The “”””fun”””” part of game development.

As part of my game dev work tonight I fixed four bugs/issues that were present in the game and discovered a new one that I’ve never seen before. The bugs fixed during this dev session were:

  • The inability to change a worker’s job.
  • The worksite of a builder being set to null for five seconds after completing a building. This resulted in workers completely freaking out as their behaviours would get confused.
  • The camera movement only working properly when the player was facing forwards.
  • Workers having their workplace being set to null when dropped. This prevented me from moving workers to and from the storehouse after they had filled their inventory with goods.

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Small Gods – Current State of the Game

Hey everyone,

This is just a little update designed to show you what I’ve added since my last post so it’s nothing too exciting. In any case, the player is now able to assign workplaces to AIs simply by picking them up and dropping them on a building. Building-sites (the precursors to actual buildings) will create builders out of the AI dropped on them, farms will create farmers, and mines will create miners.

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Small Gods – Bullying The AI

So this feature was a long time coming given the inspiration for this game and the overall usefulness that this sort of thing would provide, but I have finally added the ability to pick things up. It was actually pretty painless to implement (I guess I’m getting good at this :v), but the player is now able to pickup game objects that their mouse cursor (the big white sphere and light) is hovering over by holding the A button on their xbox controller as long as they don’t have a menu up. I’m not 100% happy with the way it works currently, for instance, the AI will recalculate the path to their target while in mid-air and they don’t alway land where their path begins.


However, I’ll be able to fix these issues easily enough as well as implement proper, physics-based falling to objects and also add some discrimination to the pickup behaviour as right now it would mix up objects rather than only picking up objects of the same type.

Small Gods – Resource Storage

This wasn’t as hard to implement as I was expecting it to be, to tell the truth.

Basically, all I’ve done is set it up so that the AI produce goods while working and if they fill their inventory with said goods they’ll go to the nearest storage depot with space and dump their goods there. The actual implementation of it is sort spaghettified and I’m sure that there’s a better way of doing it, but it works!

I’m not sure how I’ll end up implementing the whole resource system in the final version of the game, however. Right now it’s taking a similar form to that of the resource and storage system in Black and White where storehouses have a cap on the number of each type of resource they can store and so when a storehouse is full you need to build a new one. however, I may change it to be more akin to a traditional RTS resource system where collected resources are transported to a location that teleports it into a magical place where it’s accessible to all-comers.

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