Small Gods – Current State of the Game

Hey everyone,

This is just a little update designed to show you what I’ve added since my last post so it’s nothing too exciting. In any case, the player is now able to assign workplaces to AIs simply by picking them up and dropping them on a building. Building-sites (the precursors to actual buildings) will create builders out of the AI dropped on them, farms will create farmers, and mines will create miners.

Other buildings will operate in much the same way as it’s a pretty easy-to-understand way of assigning jobs to AIs and it avoids getting into nitty-gritty details. There is, however, currently a bug where AI that have jobs won’t be assigned a new job when dropped on a building (which is something I discovered tonight), but I should be able to fix it tomorrow. I’ve also added a little bit of randomization to the location that workers will move to when walking to a workplace as I noticed that sometimes workers would be prevented from going into the ‘Working’ state as they’d get blocked by other AI and so wouldn’t ever produce anything.


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