Small Gods – Bullying The AI

So this feature was a long time coming given the inspiration for this game and the overall usefulness that this sort of thing would provide, but I have finally added the ability to pick things up. It was actually pretty painless to implement (I guess I’m getting good at this :v), but the player is now able to pickup game objects that their mouse cursor (the big white sphere and light) is hovering over by holding the A button on their xbox controller as long as they don’t have a menu up. I’m not 100% happy with the way it works currently, for instance, the AI will recalculate the path to their target while in mid-air and they don’t alway land where their path begins.


However, I’ll be able to fix these issues easily enough as well as implement proper, physics-based falling to objects and also add some discrimination to the pickup behaviour as right now it would mix up objects rather than only picking up objects of the same type.

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