Small Gods – One Sheeter

So….. This is pretty much the start of my indie game development career, huh? Well, I suppose that I should get to work….


Title: Small Gods

Intended systems: PC (Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive), and PS4 (via PS VR)

Target age range: 16-30

Intended ESRB rating: Teen

Gameplay summary:

In Small Gods players take on the role of god charged with growing the inhabitants of a village into a world-spanning civilization. Place buildings, raise mountains, carve rivers, and cast powerful spells using VR controllers to combat deadly threats from the environment and rival gods.

Modes of gameplay:

A sandbox world map set on isolated islands/archipelagos. Players must tell their worshippers to construct buildings and harvest materials in order to grow their civilization from a small town to a sprawling metropolis. Players must also defend their worshippers from deadly mythical/fair-tale creatures, environmental hazards such as volcanos, tsunamis and floods, and from hostile gods and their worshippers.

Unique Selling points:

  • Built entirely for VR.
    • Allows players to lean in and watch their citizens go about their lives.
    • Gives a truly ‘gods-eye view’ of the world.
  • Players can manipulate the environment in an almost tactile way using Razer Hydra/HTC Vive/PS Move/Oculus Rift controllers.
  • Players can smite or help NPCs with a flick of their wrists.

Competitive products:

  • Sky World
  • Black and White (one and two)
  • Godus
  • From Dust

Kinds of play (ranked)

  • Challenge
  • Sensation
  • Fantasy

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