VR Makes Everything Better


Okay, maybe not everything, but it is pretty cool being able to look around what will be the gameworld in the prototype simply by turning your head (even if I’ve not had a chance to really sort everything out yet). It took me about 4 days to get the Oculus DK 2 to finally work on my PC thanks to a missing VGI to HDMI adaptor, and when I finally received an adaptor it somehow ruined my PC’s wifi connection (via curse, I assume).

That said I’ve managed to do a decent amount of work on Small Gods. Player’s can click and drag the mouse in order to adjust their view, there’s a (currently broken) AI who finds a home, moves to that home, moves to a food source when hungry, and then returns to their home when full, and as I’ve mentioned above it all works with the Oculus DK 2.

My plans for the next week or two will be to: Fix the AI so that they actually do things, add an in-game object that hangs above the terrain and represents the mouse cursor so that players can see where the mouse is (the Rift doesn’t show the mouse cursor), and I’ll be trying to adjust the rate of motion of the DK 2 as one-to-one replication of motion is too little to matter on the scale that Small Gods takes place on. Ideally, players will be able to lean down in real life in order to zoom in and follow their worshippers as they wander about the map and carry out their tasks.

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