UI implementation

An exciting topic, I know.

But seriously, I decided on using a radial menu for Small Gods as they’re relatively compact compared to other UI designs. This compactness means that I can use them as world-space menus without having to worry about them taking up too much of the player’s vision while still providing an easy-to-read display to the player. (Also, I just really like radial menus. They look cool and they kind of fit into God Games where they wouldn’t fit into other kinds of games as easily).

This is actually the second implementation of my radial UI system as the first was a complete failure. The first attempt involved me trying to create my own solution using my own programming skills and some tutorials available on YouTube. However, I quickly realised that getting everything working correctly would take far too long and that I need to focus on the remaining elements of the game such as a generic ‘Work’ behaviour and building construction.

As a result, I searched the Unity asset store and purchased the uPI(e) Menu – Radial Menu package for $10 USD. It’s actually a pretty useful system and I can see myself using it in the future to create radial menus as it makes it a very simple task to create and modify the elements of the UI (though I did have to edit the URL links in the provided documentation to get them to work).
Embedded below is a video of Small Gods that includes me showing off the new UI:

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