New menu UI, new buildings, new behaviours, etc etc

Since my last update, I’ve been working on both the game and the project proposal in order to get them into a state fit for showing off. While there’s still a fair bit of work left to do it’s steadily getting there and I’m rapidly approaching the point where I no longer need to add AI Behaviours.In any case, since my last update I have:

  • Completely replaced the game menu with one from the VR examples pack that Unity Technologies have made available.
  • Added quarry and logging camp buildings to the game.
    • These add the sandstone and wood resources to the game.
  • Updated the resource system so that materials deposited into them go into a central repository that can distribute those resources to every storehouse. This made retrieving materials much easier.
  • When tired AI worshippers will run to their home and rest for a period of time determined by how tired they are.
  • When hungry AI will now check to see if they’re carrying food. If they are they will run home and eat (for a length of time determined by how hungry they are). If they do not have food on them they will run to a storehouse, pick up food, run home and then eat the food.
  • AI builders will now use up resources when constructing buildings.
    • If they go to a building site and find that it lacks the resources they need they will walk to the nearest storehouse and pick up those resources before returning to the workplace.
    • If the building site has all the materials they need the AI will simply construct the building.
  • Buildings can no longer be placed inside one another.
  • Added a mana system, made it so that spells cost mana to cast and that they cannot be cast if the player lacks the mana.
  • Adjusted the in-game UI so that it doesn’t move when the player rotates their head. (Will need to adjust).

Tomorrow I’ll have a bunch of things to work on including —among other things— AI reproduction, mana generation through worshipping, enhanced player UI, and general AI bugs.


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